Skin Care Services

Skin Care Services For Men in Palm Springs

At Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon, we strive to be more than just your friendly neighborhood men’s hair cutter: our mission is to be your comprehensive partner in style. That means going beyond providing a world-class haircut and taking care of every aspect of your grooming and appearance, head to toe. We offer a wide range of men’s grooming services to help you achieve perfection in every aspect of your look, but one of our most under-utilized men’s grooming treatments is also one of the most important: our rejuvenating facial and skin treatments.

Your Skin

Time to face the facts: the health and appearance of the skin on your face matters. No matter how perfect your haircut, how clean your shave, or how fine your outfit, if you walk into a room with dry, peeling, or oily facial skin, there’s no way you’re looking your best. And despite what you may believe, achieving healthy skin doesn’t always happen on its own. The skin on our face takes a daily beating from harsh UV rays, air pollution and dirt, and even free radicals in the air and our bodies that can leave skin looking and feeling rough and old. That’s why Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon offers comprehensive facial treatments for men of all ages, making it easy to give your face the kind of deep clean and rejuvenation it needs to look and feel its healthiest.

Our Skin Care

Refresh Facial
(30 minutes)

Cleanse, exfoliate, mask, and hydrate your skin with our 30-minute Refresh Facial treatment. Give your face the deep cleaning and deep moisturization it’s been craving. Service is performed in the stylist’s chair and provides a cleanse, scrub, mask, moisturizer & hand massage.

The Palm Springs Facial
(45 minutes)

Just got into town or have a special event coming up?  This treatment is perfect to give you that immediate glow.  A deep cleanse & enzyme exfoliation gently gets rid of dead skin.  A firm facial massage promotes healthy blood circulation.  To avoid any irritation or markings on skin, no extractions are performed in this facial.  A hydrating mask gives you that dewy, youthful finish. Now you’re ready to hit the town!

Recovery Facial
(45 minutes)

Long night? Shed yesterday’s exhaustion with this treatment.  Deep cleanse & enzyme exfoliation to get rid of dull looking skin.  Firm facial massage to promote blood circulation.  Gel mask to aid dehydrated skin.  Cryotherapy uses cool temperature to reduce puffiness & redness. 

Clarifying Facial
(45 minutes)

This treatment focuses on properly deep cleaning the skin.  Perfect to treat active breakouts & problematic skin.   A deep cleanse & enzyme exfoliation aid in removing dead skin from the surface.  With steam & massage, the skin is prepped for extractions.  Extracting black heads & other impurities in the skin is the goal for this facial.  Finishing with a mask to aid in oil control.

Anti-Aging Facial
(45 minutes)

Aging gracefully happens with consistent skin care.  This facial is all about correcting & preventing.  Intense exfoliation aids in damage caused over the years by the sun or past skin issues. Algae & Plant Plankton mask is used to firm, lighten & lift. This facial does not include extractions but treats the face & neck.

Introductory Facial
(60 minutes)

First Time? Don’t know where to start with your skin care journey? This treatment will start with an in-depth consultation addressing your concerns & goals.  The facial will be customized to your needs & our Licensed Esthetician’s recommendations.  Your treatment will conclude with an at-home prescription.  

Relaxation Facial
(60 minutes)

Sometimes you just need some “me time” while someone else takes care of your skin care needs.  Along with a deep cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, extractions, mask, treatment serums & moisturization/sun protection, you will receive firm massage on the neck, chest, arms & hands. Steam & aroma therapy fills the room while you zone out to complete relaxation.

Signature Custom Facial
(90 minutes)

We pulled out all the stops! Our skin’s needs change daily…so this treatment is completely customized to you.  You will never get the same experience. You can also add on some of our many mini treatments.  Check out our list of Add-Ons that target several other skin issues. This treatment also includes massage on the neck, chest, arms & hands. This is definitely an experience you must try!

Back Facial
(45 minutes)

Our backs are possibly the most ignored area of our bodies, treat it!  Aids in breakouts, dry & itchy skin.  Treatment includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, massage, extractions, mask & moisturization.

Skin Care Add-Ons

(not available with Refresh or Back Facial)

Microcurrent Treatment
(15 minutes )

FDA approved current is used to work out & firm facial muscles giving a lifting effect.

High Frequency Treatment
(15 minutes)

Developed by famous inventor/electrical engineer, Nikola Tesla, this machine is used for its anti-aging & anti-bacterial benefits on the skin.

Lip Plumping Mask Treatment
(15 minutes)

Scrub away dead skin, plump the lips with hydrating serums & lock in moisture with a hydrojelly mask.

Hyaluronic Acid Hydrojelly Mask (15 minutes)

Hyaluronic acid is known for its hydration properties. This mask will deliver molecules into the skin that can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water!

Beard Deep Conditioning Treatment (15 minutes)

Facial hair can cause some serious skin issues. Hair increases oil production which can cause itchiness and breakouts. Deep clean your beard and the skin under it. Along with steam and a conditioning mask, your beard will have an oil treatment leaving it looking full & healthy.

Cryotherapy Treatment:
(15 minutes)

Using a roller, cool temperature is used to treat inflammation, redness & liquid retention in the face.

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