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Straight-Razor Shaves in Palm Springs

At Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon, we know that facial hair can be one of a man’s most defining features. That’s why our goal is to help you find the perfect look for you. Our expert stylists offer a variety of men’s shave services like beard trims and straight razor shaves in Palm Springs to help you choose a look that perfectly complements your features and fits your lifestyle.

Our shaves in Palm Springs are unlike anything you’ve experienced before. We include aromatic hot towels, straight-edge blade shaves, and can even provide rejuvenating facial cleansing and moisturizing treatments to go along with your treatment and complete the experience. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your shave as you get a fresh, clean look that will have you walking out our door feeling like a new man. Learn more about our iconic straight-razor shave treatment below.

The Biggest

Aside from the great look they provide, straight razor shaves also come with other benefits:

  • The closest shave of your life
  • Precise and controlled movements
  • Reduced risk of cuts, ingrown hair development & infection
  • Zero waste from disposable razors & cartridges
  • A perfect trim every time

Our Shave Services


When you visit Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon for a shave, we’ll give you a memorable experience tailored for the modern man. Using a straight-razor to give you an incredibly close shave, our stylists will sculpt and guide your facial hair into the perfect look, whether you’re just wanting to reshape your beard, or shed it completely. We’ll take extra good care of your delicate facial skin with our signature product and a relaxing hot towel to finish off your shave and leave your skin perfectly soothed.


Keep the beard but get a classic straight shave. All the bells and whistles of the FULL HOT TOWEL SHAVE, but only the neck and cheeks.


Achieve the clean shaved look with the precision of a straight-edge head shave performed by our expert barbers. Head shaves are great for those looking to try something different or keep cool during hot summer months. A shaved head look is also a preferred style for men experiencing receding hair. Consult with our barbers at Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon if you’re looking to make sure that your head has the perfect shaved look.

Pricing can be confirmed as part of the online booking process.

Customer Alert

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