Men's Waxing

Men's waxing
in palm springs

Let’s face it, guys: runaway hair on your face or body is not a good look. And while clippers can work, they often leave a lot to be desired. Waxing offers a quick, convenient, and long-lasting solution to removing unwanted hair from almost any region of your body. A waxing treatment will leave you looking clean and fresh from head to toe – and that’s a necessity for truly looking your best.

The Biggest
Of Waxing

  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • No annoying stubble
  • Long-lasting effects and natural-looking regrowth
  • Helps control body odor
  • Treatment is fast and easy
  • Helps you feel more confident in any situation

Our Men's
Waxing Services

Men's Face Waxing

Eyebrows starting to look like caterpillars? Ears developing a hair style of their own? Our professional men’s facial waxing services make it simple to clean up unsightly, uncontrolled hair, crafting a clean and well-groomed look that everyone is sure to notice. We offer convenient, affordable waxing services for every area of the face and head:

  • Nose or Ears ($15)
  • Eyebrows ($25)

Men's Back & Arm Waxing

If you’re working to get that summer bod, don’t forget to get your body hair in check – after all, Sasquatch has never been the star of the beach. Whether you want to take off a little or a lot, we offer convenient waxing services for your arms, chest and back that will get you ready for some fun in the sun.

  • Full Arm ($40)
  • Half Arm ($20)
  • Back or Chest – Starting from $30

full body waxing

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Full body manscaping with clippers.

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