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Not completely thrilled with your hair color? Stop by Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon for your new look. We understand that some men prefer a different color than their natural hair, want to cover up gray, or even try something completely new! Our team of professional barbers and hair stylists will help you find the color you are looking for, to make you feel confident and fresh. At Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon, we offer a range of men’s hair coloring services and we are positive we can give you a look you are thrilled about!

Hair Coloring Services & Treatments

Men's Hair Coloring

Coloring your hair for the first time can be a little nerve-wracking, we get it. At Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon, our experienced hair stylists will help you through the entire process. Whether you’ve been coloring your hair for years or it’s your first time, we will offer guidance and recommendations based on your desired style, personality, and the general look you want. Together, we can find the perfect color to suit you. For your convenience, we offer permanent and non-permanent hair color products. Using non-permanent color will allow you to experiment with a color before choosing a long-term look.

Beard Coloring

Hair coloring is not just for the hair on your head, if you’d like to change the color of your facial hair, we can help here too! Our Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon colorists team will provide a coloring consultation and custom services to erase gray hair in your beard, make your beard color more even, or ensure that your beard color matches the hair on your head.


Highlights are a great way to compliment your hair’s natural look. As the sun naturally highlights our hair in the summer, we can give you a year round highlighted look. Our Palm Springs Fine Men’s Hair Salon colorist team offers pronounced and more subtle highlighted looks.

Professional gray blending

For many men, going gray can seem a little daunting. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. The classic salt and pepper look is actually quite popular and attractive on men, the secret is keeping the gray under control. Our team offers professional gray blending to mix your gray with your natural hair color. Our stylists can place and/or hide gray exactly where you want them and where you do not want to see them.

Chemical Relaxer Treatment

Is your hair difficult to keep in place? Even with extra products, do you feel you have little control over the direction of your hair? Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon can help. Our salon provides a chemical relaxer treatment to literally relax the hair on your head and give you more control over your hair’s direction and placement. It’ll be ten times easier to style your hair after this treatment!

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