How To Make Hair Coloring More Subtle?

At Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon, we consider looking good a vital part of feeling good. When it comes to men’s hair coloring, our expert stylists proudly help clients look their absolute best. Whether you want to add a bit of color to brighten up your look, or cover up grey hairs, we can give you the perfect look that has you walking out our door feeling like the confident man you are. Because most men prefer a more natural look, here are a few ways to make hair coloring more subtle.

Men’s Hair Coloring Services at Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon

Try Grey Blending

Got a bit of grey coming in? Letting your hair grey naturally into a classic salt and pepper look can be very attractive. With grey blending here at Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon, we can take your look to an effortless and manageable color that blends well and requires minimal maintenance. The key to this classic look is to keep the grey hairs under control with grey blending.

Add Highlights or Lowlights

If you’re trying to take your look up a notch, some simple highlights or lowlights may be the perfect option. During the summer months, hair naturally lightens from the sunshine. Our expert stylists can create a naturally sun-drenched look and help you determine the proper amount, tone, and location to make your style completely natural.

Color Your Beard

To compliment your look, consider coloring not just the hair on your head, but also the hair on your face. Whether you need to cover up a few grey hairs in your beard, match your beard color to your hair color, or simply create a more even color throughout your beard, we have the perfect solution here at Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon.

Book An Appointment For Expert Men’s Hair Styles & Coloring Services

At Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon, we take style seriously. That’s why we proudly offer top-quality services to create incredible men ’s hairstyles for countless clients. Our stylists are glad to help you with recommendations based on your desired style and personality and find the perfect color to suit your needs. Book an appointment today for our men’s hair coloring services and get ready to look fresh and feel like a brand new man.

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