How to Embrace Your Grey Hair

The first appearance of a grey hair can be a startling moment of realization for many men. This often feels like an intense decision-making moment: Do you pull it out? Color it? Just go with it? As experts in men’s hairstyles, we here at Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon are prepared to show you how to embrace your grey and unleash your inner silver fox! Boasting a wide variety of haircut and styling services tailored just for men, Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon will no doubt have the solution to your grey conundrum.

Grey Blending

For men who already have more than a few grey hairs sprouting up, grey blending can be a great technique for those who just aren’t quite ready to commit to a full-grey look. Grey blending adds highlights and/or lowlights to your hair to give it a healthy, multi-dimensional look that subtly shows off natural grey without being overwhelming obvious. Best of all, Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon can complete the process in as little as 10 minutes!

Utilize Toning Shampoo

Another way to embrace the grey without totally dying it away is by switching to a purple toning shampoo. Purple shampoo temporarily deposits a purple or violet color onto the hair. Because purple falls opposite of yellow on the color wheel, it will help cut yellow, brassy undertones in your hair. This leaves your hair with a handsome, striking silver tone that will look fresh, lively, and natural.

Sport the Right Cut

An extremely important, but sometimes overlooked factor, is making sure you have a good haircut to compliment your facial structure. Sideburns, complimenting your neckline and finding the right shape and flow for your face shape all play a role in deciding what is the best hairstyle for you. Being a leading men’s hair salon, Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon can no doubt find the perfect cut and style for you!

Using the Right Styling Products

Once you find a cut that compliments your face, it’s time to find the right styling products to help maintain that handsome, grey head of hair. If you aren’t sure what products you’ll need for your new style, the men’s hairstyle experts at Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salons can point you in the right direction!

Schedule an Appointment with Your Men’s Hair Salon in Palm Springs

If you’ve been on the fence on what to do about your grey hair, come visit us at Palm Springs Fine Men’s Salon. As your most trusted men’s salon, our men’s hairstyle experts will find the perfect cut and style to compliment you, leaving you feeling confident and sexy at any age! Learn to embrace your grey hair! Contact us today at (760) 904-0434 to schedule your appointment.

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